About Wedding Baba

Jaipur is a historical city. There are many locations in Jaipur where wonderful photographs can be captured. But the question is which location will work best for your love story? You don’t need to think much about it as we already have prepared pre wedding shoot locations in Jaipur. Pre wedding shoot in demands a casual interaction with your partner and also the photographer.

This becomes extremely important because it makes you ready for the final photograph that would be captured on your wedding day. It can help you to bring down your anxiety level. If you think that you are not photogenic enough then you should surely try Wedding Baba where we can guarantee you that you will find those photographs to be stupendous.

Instead of capturing the formal pictures of bride and the groom, pre shoot wedding photographs will allow you to capture real feelings where the couples get a chance to get together and actually show how much they are in love with each other. Our photographers at Wedding Baba will help you to spark the chemistry that is needed for a pre wedding photography in Jaipur. We focus not only in the pre wedding photography but also in pre wedding videos in Jaipur.

You must have seen many pre wedding photographs of your friends or maybe a celebrity. How does it make you feel? Do you wonder how much the partners love each other and how beautiful they look with each other? You must have also dream of doing a pre wedding shoot while watching those photographs. Now it’s time for you to put that thought into action. Mostly during a wedding photography you find yourself surrounded with many guests. The only photograph that is captured along with your partner is while sitting beside them all while doing the ceremony. Surrounded by so many people you can’t show the real you and how much you love your partner. Pre wedding photography allows you to be the real you.

Pre wedding photography in Jaipur

The best thing about pre wedding shoot is that it is never a hectic procedure. A pre wedding shoot can take up to 2 days where you mostly have fun. I can give you tons of reasons to conduct a pre wedding shoot but do you really want to conduct it? Do you want to relieve your moments even after your wedding ceremony is over? The answer is yes of course. Well, then a pre wedding shoot is a must for you.

Wedding Baba makes efforts to make sure that the pre wedding shoot becomes as easy as breeze. With the knowledge of all the aspects of the pre wedding shoot, we know how important it is for us to make the couple feel comfortable. The only thing that you need to do is get dressed up in stunning outfits and be in the location and get lost in the eye of your loved one.

At Wedding Baba we believe in creating a pre wedding shoot that looks like it is straight out from a fairy tale. Right from capturing candid photographs to editing it to make it more beautiful, we do it all. We take proper care to make sure that the photographs don’t appear cheesy but look classy. Before the pre wedding shoot you are free to tell us about your requirements and expectations and we will make sure that we live up to it during the actual procedure. All changes are welcomed because we understand how special it is for you. With such a great understanding and photography skills, you can never go wrong in choosing Wedding Baba for pre wedding photography shoot in Jaipur.